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August 26, 2021

Did you know that Malaysia is heading towards the status of population ageing with the senior citizen population already reaching 7% by 2020? The question is if our country is ready because the high population of senior citizens will contribute to the increase in health issues, especially disability. That is why we need to ensure that Malaysians have the awareness and put efforts to lead a healthy and active lifestyle so that they do not suffer from disability in their old age.

It is not difficult, there are many tips that can be followed to prevent disabilities such as dementia, falls and dialysis treatment due to kidney disease when you reach this senior age. The most important thing is to ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle by practicing exercises and physical activities consistently as well as practicing a healthy diet in accordance with the needs of the body. Apart from food and drink, a healthy diet also includes taking supplements to support the health of the body. Among them is a natural resource that has been proven to be beneficial, namely Tongkat Ali.

Even if you have reached the golden age, don’t waste the desire and quality of life you want! For those of you who are retired, you can replace your work routine with your favorite hobby or do things that you could not pursue when you were young. Nevertheless, we need to make sure that our body is able to do the activities that interest us. By taking Tongkat Ali -based supplements, we can increase our energy supply to stay active.


As age increases, the body's stamina easily decreases if not taken care of. When stamina decreases, our body will easily feel tired and take a long time to regain its energy. It's not fun when the body gets tired quickly, especially when the daily routine is very busy. Worry not! It can be altered with supplements containing Tongkat Ali if taken consistently. Tongkat Ali helps speed up the process of muscle recovery and also body fatigue.

In addition, we need to know that each individual needs different nutrients and substances. The nutrients consumed play a role in helping the cells of the defense system in our body. So to ensure that our body is always healthy and functioning at an optimal level, we need to take extra measures such as taking Tongkat Ali -based supplements on a daily basis to ensure the overall quality of life.

Nowadays, especially in the midst of this pandemic wave, more people are suffering from stress and depression. This carries  a negative impact on our lives. Example, we will easily lose focus on something we do. Stress is a normal thing in our lives but we have to be good at controlling and increasing our level of focus through supplements that contain Tongkat Ali. It has indeed been clinically proven to help increase an individual’s level of focus and concentration.

It's not hard to find the best Tongkat Ali supplement on the market, there's Nu-Prep! One must be wondering, why Nu-Prep? The reason is that the main ingredient used, Physta®, is formulated from a natural source, Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali) and it is recognized globally as a high quality ingredient. Nu-Prep guarantees only the best for you through clinically proven benefits. Wait no longer, grab Nu-Prep quickly and enjoy a better quality of life!

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