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Stay Healthy & Active In The Golden Age

Ever dream of living an active and healthy lifestyle but don’t know how? Let’s check out these tips and sharings for us to Terus Aktif!

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Tips for Seniors Stay Active

There are many barriers that we face as we age when it comes to doing the activities that we do. It is important for us to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle. Age is just a number and is not a stop for us to live a great life. To find out more,click down below!

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Enjoy Healthy Aging with Tongkat Ali

It's the nature of human life that we cannot run away from aging. However, everyone has the option to live a healthy life even in their senior age. There are many ways to stay healthy. Let's read one of the effective ways, which is through Tongkat Ali which can help you go through a healthy aging process!

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Energy Provider

Clinically studied by Dr. Ismail Tambi, Eurycoma Longifolia has been proven effective as an energy booster, strengthens the muscles and improves overall health.

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Gives More Strength

23 individuals with the age of 57-72 years old and active had been consuming Physta for 5 weeks. The study showed a significant improvement in terms of the level of testosterone and the level of muscles strength.

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Increase Stamina

A clinical study was conducted by Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital on 109 male individuals aged 30-55 years old for 3 months. The study found that there was a significant improvement in them involving physical function, body fitness and also sperm and testosterone quality.

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